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Maptack - What is the Maptak web site all about?

Maptak is about maps, detailed maps of Costa Rica. Usually maps on the internet are small, slow loading and with limited information. Maptak is an exception to the rule because it uses an advanced method of displaying maps on the internet.

If your internet browser is equipped with a Macromedia Flash 6 or newer plug-in, you are ready to enjoy these maps. Most modern browsers are able to display this format.

Maptak uses vector graphics rather than bitmap images for the larger maps. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Smaller file size, faster page loads.
  • Maps are scaleable
  • Maps are smooth and look great at any size.
  • The entire map can be printed on one sheet of paper or enlarged sections can be printed.
  • Maps fill your computer screen, corner to corner, edge to edge.

Find out how here!

O--View Costa Rica from space. Convenient pop-up satellite window can be viewed with any map. Zoom in for a close look, highly detailed. A fascinating tool for everyone, try it now!

Satellite view

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Explore a political map of the entire country and separate maps for each of the seven provinces.

Map of Heredia

Each map shows national parks and reserves, main highways and landmarks. A pop-up window will always be on hand to calculate mileage between cities.

O-- Because Costa Rica is mountainous, a physical map of the entire country is on hand which includes all the features of the political map.

Physical map example.

View computer generated 3D maps of all of the countries national parks, revealing as never before the lay of the land.

Three dimensional map of a national park.

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Maps and books
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The Backstreet Bookshop where you can order Costa Rica maps and travel guide books on-line.

Live satellite map of Central America.

Satellite image of Central America.

Live Satellite Map of Central America
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O--Here is where the fun starts! Detailed city maps of San José and every provincial capital. We will continue to add new cities and towns so return often to see what's new.

Example of a city map.

O-- Each map is filled with interactive features such as pop-up photographs of landmarks, parks, historic sites and unusual architecture.

Aerial Shutter Aerial Photography

Maptak pronto en español

X-ray map of Costa Rica. You select what types of data you want to see. The following example shows physical features, highway system and protected areas.

Example of the X-ray map of Costa Rica.

You can build your own map on line and combine and display the data as you wish. Some of the information available is: population centers, highway system, rivers, protected areas, participation, geology, land use, sunny days, provinces and altitude.

Pirate shipO-- Examine detailed antique XVI century maps of Costa Rica and Central America and old treasure maps of the Isla del Coco and more.

All of the scaleable maps on this web site can be printed and used for studies, school assignments and tourist information.

Find: road maps, map directions, travel maps, street maps, information, history, geography, 3D maps, national parks, beaches, rain forests, volcanoes and more. All highly detailed, easy to read, print and enjoy.

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O-- Take a little time now to learn the techniques of Maptak navigation. Do this now to get the most out of Maptak.
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