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Browser compatibility issues:

Every effort has been made by us to make this site accessible over a wide range of browser types. Due to the differing technologies, computer platforms, and standards, we were unable to make every feature on this site 100% workable on all platforms. To compensate for this problem we stress that the user learn how to navigate the scaleable maps first before exploring the web site. These detailed instructions can be found on the web page Using Maptak. They are directed to the Microsoft Windows user and the Macintosh user and stress navigation with the keyboard rather than the alternate on-screen button navigation.

The keyboard navigation technique does work on all platforms with browsers equipped as stated below but the alternate on-screen button navigation may not work even though you have the required plug-in.

Equipment requirements:

Your computer must be have the Macromedia Flash 6.0 or newer plug in installed on your browser and the browser must have JavaScript enabled.

Thank you for reading our browser compatibility notes.

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